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AHM Valve is specialized in the production and marketing of various valves and is equipped with an export team that has a long-standing experience in the HVAC, Water, Fire and Automation fields for more than a decade. We don't want to provide our customers with just a valve, but with our expertise and reliability and build a relationship that is based on mutual trust.


AHM valve is the authorized export company of ESVANA, which is located in Konya and is equipped with 25 years of experience and knowledge in the valve industry. We serve with the principle to provide quality, integrity and first-class workmanship. The primary objective of our company is the continuous improvement of our product quality and to increase our sales volume and production capacity accordingly and to provide our products with the best quality possible and at affordable prices.


AHM valve is committed to quality and constantly endeavors to delivery highly reputed products. We will do our best to deliver you always high quality products because we know that our reputation is pending on customer satisfaction. Therefore, every product is being tested meticulously in our facilities before we send them out.

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